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CatGenerator is a Java version of the Cat avatar Generator by David Revoy.

Many thanks to David Revoy and Andreas Gohr <3

README of Cat avatar Generator


Cat avatar Generator

Source code and graphics CC-By [1] David Revoy [2] ( artworks of Cats and open-raster file )
Originally inspired of the code for "MonsterID" by Andreas Gohr [3].

If you use this software and/or graphics please link back to,

How to edit:
1. Open img/00_SRC.ora with Krita. Do your edit/draw/paint, respect layer naming, save.
2. Open it again in Gimp, with the 'export layer plugin' [4]
3. Scale the image down to the result you want (eg. 256px x 256px as on the demo ) 
3. File > Export layer. Allow invisible layer to be exported, check 'image size', PNG
4. Done. PNG files of 'parts' extracted.



CatGenerator is released under the GNU AGPL+ license. Enjoy!

Artworks of Cats and open-raster file are released under the Creative Commons CC-By-4.0 David Revoy (


Christian Pierre MOMON



  • Java 11
  • Eclipse 4.16 (202006).



Unit test environment

For unit tests, install the TestNG:

Generated with CatGenerator by Christian Pierre MOMON

License: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-4.0.